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The Avionic Technician realizes maintenance operations on avionic equipment (radio communication and navigation systems, radars, altimeters, CDU, MFDU, etc.) while continuously optimizing TAT and costs and respecting quality, security and environmental procedures.

Main Activities

  • He/She acquaints himself/herself with the maintenance operations to be undertaken to the work order and the customer’s order.
  • Control, test and measure as required by the working documents (CMM, internal repair method) by using appropriate metrological tools (millimetres, spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes, specific avionic test benches, ATC, DME ADF, etc.).
  • Inform the Engineering department of abnormalities.
  • Disassemble equipment in compliance with the constructor’s documentation and the CMM (Component Maintenance Manuel).
  • Wash and strip the equipment’s parts.
  • Elaborate with the coordinator a technical quotation for the refurbishing of the equipment: workforce, materials and delays.
  • Replace defective element, repair and reassemble the equipment in compliance with the CMM.
  • Transmit the equipment file to Certifying staff.
  • Establish for each phase of the process, the needed documents for the repaired equipment’s traceability.
  • Clean-up work space
  • Any other duties as assigned


Job requirements:

  • NITEC/Diploma in electronics
  • Experience in maintenance in the aeronautical industry will be appreciated.
  • Knowledge aeronautics documentation (CMM, SB…)
  • Knowledge of the procedures in aircraft component repair
  • Knowledge in electronics and micro-mechanics.


Training will be provided