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The Aerospace Technician realizes mechanical and electrical maintenance operations while continuously optimizing delays and costs and respecting quality, security and environmental procedures.


Job Requirements

  • Carry out maintenance operations in accordance to work order and customer’s order
  • Control, test and measure as required by the working documents (CMM, internal repair method) by using appropriate metrological tools (millimetres, spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes, specific mechanical benches, etc.)
  • Inform the Engineering of abnormalities
  • Disassemble equipment in compliance with the constructor’s documentation and the CMM (Component Maintenance Manuel)
  • Wash and strip the equipment’s parts
  • Elaborate with the coordinator a technical quotation for the refurbishing of the equipment: workforce, materials and delays
  • Order substitution the elements, repair and reassemble the equipment in compliance with the CMM (at reception of customer’s consent)
  • Transmit the equipment file to Certifying staff
  • Establish for each phase of the process, the needed documents for the repaired equipment’s traceability
  • Adherance to Safety Standards in handling aircraft safety components
  • Ensure clean workspace


Job Requirements

  • NITEC in Electrical Technology, Mechanical Technology, Aerospace Machining Technology or Aerospace Technology
  • Good Attitude
  • Teamwork Spirit


Training will be provided